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  Blue Moon, Acrylic on Panel 24" X 36" NFS

Statement from the Artist
My belief is that art’s primary function is to communicate and express thoughts and emotions in response to the world we live in. My world is the world of rural New Hampshire, its mountains, rivers, lakes, wildlife and people. My use of strong color and bold brush strokes enables me to respond to the compelling patterns of light and shadow found in the landscape and on the surfaces of trees that seemingly have personalities that beg to be immortalized. My paintings are an honest interpretation of the visual landscape and reflect my passion for the process. Art should compel the viewer to look not only to the work again and again, but to explore the source of inspiration with new eyes and a greater aesthetic appreciation. As an educator, I see through the eyes of an artist and a student. I learn as I teach and teach as I learn. In creating time for art making, I become a more perceptive artist and more effective teacher. My response to life and living is to make art and share my passion.

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" ... way of making the energy of the woods, fields, trees and nature come alive and vibrate a persons soul. "
- Artist, Educator, Deb S.

"... stopping to look at your paintings bring a bit of peace to these crazy lives of ours. "
- Florist, Farmer, Nancy L.

"... someone who has remained a constant source of inspiration throughout my artistic career ..."
- Artist, Nick K.


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